DSRT Tavistock’s area of operations includes vast areas of open moorland and farm land, with access that is often only available to off-road vehicles.  In order to operate effectively, the team has two Land Rover Defenders capable of travelling over rough terrain to reach casualty sites or transport personnel and equipment as close as possible.

DSRT Tavistock has around 16 drivers trained to MREW off-road driving standards, with 3 of the country’s 15 instructors.

In order to drive off-road safely, drivers have to undergo an MREW Advanced Driver Training course.  The course encompasses:


  • Safety, including jacking
  • Vehicle knowledge
  • Differentials
  • Four-wheel drive systems
  • Hydraulic coupling
  • Transmission wind-up.

On and Off-Road Driving Techniques:

  • Engaging four-wheel drive
  • Knowing when to use it
  • Load carrying
  • Rough tracks
  • Sand and mud
  • Ice and snow.

Re-joining the Road:

  • Disengaging four-wheel drive systems
  • Vehicle cleanliness.