9/7/2022 Injured walker between Naker’s Hill and Green Hill

Incident 17. DSRT Tavistock was called by our sister team in Ashburton at 15:15 to assist a young lady taking part in a D of E expedition. She had sustained an ankle injury which prevented her from continuing. The group of four was sited in a remote part of the moor with no vehicular access, so members had to haul our kit across rough hilly ground to reach them. They were dehydrated, so water was given while the injury was assessed. DSRT Plymouth was called early on to assist us and four of their members joined us as we stretchered the injured girl back towards Nun’s Cross Ford. From there all four young ladies were transported in a Team Land Rover to he handed over to the care of their supervisor at Peat Cot at 18:50. All members returned to the RVP by 19:00 after a tiring stretcher haul of nearly four miles in very hot conditions.

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